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Please Come Home for Christmas
a musical by Eric C. Jones & Gary Sironen
A Reading, Directed by Riley Sironen 12-19-2023


It's Christmas Eve, 1986. Jane and Riley direct a group of New York City street performers, who perform scenes from their musical play for subway train passengers at Grand Central Station. On this day, an unexpected snowstorm has cancelled all train service, leaving the cast with a captive audience.

Jane & Riley's real lives are so entwined with the characters in their musical that their characters are also named Jane & Riley. The remainder of the cast play multiple roles.


JANE - Jenna Walker 
RILEY/BIG JOHN - Brody Thompson

MR. MC - Randall Burghart 

SWEET - Kristyn Shelley-Olson  

AGENT/ZONE - Scott Dulecki 

DITTO - Riley Sironen (Director)

NYC - Mary McGuire Howing

MAMA - Kari Noble 


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We hope you enjoyed this reading. There were some costs involved, including feeding the cast and compensating them for time and transportation. If you wish to donate toward some expenses, you may do so via

Venmo @garysironen

Thank you so much for your attendance, comments and support!

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